Apply for a Job at Our Manufacturing Facility

No matter your experience level, there's a position at our manufacturing facility that you can fill. We have openings in a variety of departments, including:

  • Stamping - stamp car parts out of durable sheet metal
  • Welding - repair cracks and weld car parts
  • Conveyance - make sure all components get where they need to go
  • Maintenance - keep our manufacturing equipment in top-notch condition

Questions about the job openings at our Jamestown, IN facility? Call us at 765-676-4800 now to get answers.

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Manufacturing Quality

Located in Jamestown, Indiana, FTIC is a Japanese tier 1 automotive supplier to Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA). We opened in 2016 and have expanded our operations from our humble beginning. We do a wide array of metal stamping and robotic welding to create the internal frame components on some of Subaru's most popular vehicles.